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(সর্বভারতীয় সঙ্গীত ও সংস্কৃতি পরিষদ)

Musica is  affiliated with the esteemed sarbhbharatiya sangeet o sanskriti parishad and  provides  SSS approved courses. We are also proud to be the only one affiliated with them in Texas.

We provide the certification to the students who wants to learn and  get the visharad degree in hindustani music.

Individuals or non students can also give exams at our center. 

Sarbabharatiya Sangeet - O - Sanskriti Parishad was established on 23rd January, 1976 with an intention to preserve Indian Cultural heritage, strengthen the quality of students and teachers and to enhance a wider range of culture to our fellowmen. It is registered under West Bengal Societies Act, 1961 vide No. S/17547 on 25th March 1976.

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