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Musica Youth Group

Our MYG Stars


Sahana S.

Grade: High School Sophomore


Certification: Level 5 certification with Honors


Specialty: Community focused vocal singer with advanced Indian classical training

Why Musica Youth Group? 

I love the exposure to unique styles that we bring to the community and the friendships that I have made in this group


Favorite Musica Song?  Bhalobeshe shoki/How Far I'll Go (From "Moana")


Fun fact: I'm a huge musical theatre fan!

Ishani G.

Grade: High School Senior


Certification: Level 4


Specialty: Hindustani Classical and Indian Pop

Why Musica Youth Group? 

Because we learn different types of rags and songs which is very interesting and we spread positivity throughout our community by singing.


Favorite Musica Song?  Tumi Robe Nirobe and Jago Tumi Jago


Fun fact: I love reading books!

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